Doily #3 is about done, but

I don't like the way it is ruffling in certain parts.

I started the doily with size 20 previously as you can see in the picture here, but started over using size 40; my favourite size to tat at the moment.  I am now at the last round but the doily is showing some ruffling, which you can see in the picture below.  The finished size would be about 8 inches wide.
If I want to remove the ruffling, I may have to cut out two rounds, plus the final round, and adjust the stitch count.  But, I thought I should try and pin it out first and see how it turns out.
I think blocking can make it work although there are still some curves showing, especially in that last round.
That perfectionist in me is having second thoughts.

What do you think? Should I proceed and finish this or should I cut the affected rounds off and adjust the stitch count to remove the waviness?

After reading the comments below, I should point out that my main concern with this doily is - if I am having issues with the ruffling, would another tatter be faced with the same problem also tatting it?  I would not feel comfortable "releasing" a pattern that I am not happy with.  I guess the only way I can find out is if someone would test-tat it first.


  1. Finish it! - you're so close to the end, and after all, there will always be another day to cut it apart and re-do it.

  2. It's beautiful! I'd try blocking or steaming it first to see if the ruffles smooth out.

    When I've had ruffling, I've ended up cutting it out. It just seems to get worse with each round.

  3. If the blocking fixes it, then I wouldn't worry any further. Most larger pieces do require some blocking, and the ruffles don't look like they're too severe. Once it's blocked, you'll probably never know there were any ruffles at all.

  4. The color is lovely! I think that if you're you're going to cut anything, it should just be that last round. It's quite beautiful.

  5. It's gorgeous!!! I really love the design!! :)

  6. I would try pressing and blocking it first, if that did not work then I expect I would cut some off and see if it ruffles again I would only do one row at a time and block and press it each time before cutting off another row.
    I hope you sort it out its a lovely pattern

  7. It is a lovely doily and the color is beautiful. If you still need a tat-tester, I would be available to take on that task for you.

  8. I had a good look... I think blocking will solve any problem. It is lovely.
    Fox : )

  9. Very pretty...I think finish it at this point. If you need test tatters I am sure you will not lack for volunteers. Your patterns are all so lovely and fun to tat.

  10. Beautiful doily and I love the color. If you still need a tat tester, I am available.

  11. That doesn't look like too much of an issue, especially if blocking will correct it.
    you might want to make a correction in the pattern and have it test tatted to see if your correction will fix the issue.
    Looking for a test tatter? I would be honored to give you my time.

  12. Jon, Every time I look and see your doily, I think you have begun the Honey Napkin, even though it is nothing the same at closer view. But it is red and round, and the HN is always in my mind. If only you had designed this before I started this mammoth project, I might have tatted yours at a mere eight inches and saved myself from my current dilemma!
    Fox : O

  13. Looking for a test tatter..... I would be glad to do it. This would get me started on a doily finally. Let me know.

  14. Salams,
    OH! Jon, this is so beautiful! I couldn't notice the curling/ruffling but I know what you mean by it. I once ended up with one myself. :( Pray you work it out easily, iA. I LOVE LOVE your work! HAppy Tatting.


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