Interlocking snowflake

I was browsing google images for tatting (I do that sometime to get inspirations) and came across this cute snowflake from the Instructables site, Tatted Snowflake by Penolopy Bulnick.  I like the way each chain passes through the corresponding ring on the centre motif.

The pattern is shown on the site, but for needle tatting.  It is calling to me to try tat it using a shuttle.  Well, here is what I did,

In the original pattern, the centre motif is worked first, but I tatted the outside motif first.
To have the chain go through the ring - when making the loop for the ring, first I pass the shuttle through the space in the middle of the outer motif, make the loop round the hand, and pass the shuttle through the space a second time and start tatting the ring.

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  1. That's really clever and looking great,

  2. That is very interesting. what a fun way to do this.

  3. Seems I have seen this or tatted something very similar and I cannot remember what it was! Perhaps even one of yours! Interesting pattern though.
    Fox : )

  4. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing this technique!

  5. Love it make the most complex things so simple...thanks for the effort.


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