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Hosting the tat-along of the Lace Mat pattern by Norma Benporath must the most brilliant thing that I have done, even if I say so myself.  Looking at the different version of Lace Mats, I think most, if not all, of you enjoyed the adventure too.  Congratulations all round to the 35 tatters who have submitted their Lace Mats.

The Lace Mat poll finally closed a few days ago with 52 people voted, and it is only now that I managed to finish verifying and checking the scores again.  On the penultimate day of voting, there was a tie for the top place.  But a few entries on the last day tipped the scale for one of the Lace Mats.

To finally  rid you of the suspense of waiting, here are the top five Lace Mats tallied after the poll is closed, in the sequence that they appear in the Gallery:

6  8  13  27  34

And the Lace Mat that polled the highest with 26 points is:
No. 34 by Martha Ess
Congratulations Martha!

As promised, I will be putting together some goodies for the winner, and I hope Martha is going to like them and will be able to find ways to use them in her tatting.

I forgot to add -
Nobody had listed the lace mats as in the final top five.  The closest to it is from four persons who managed to get four.  I guess there are no winners in that category.  


  1. This has been such fun! - maybe you will hold a tat-along again one day, perhaps once a year like Jane's TIAS?
    I honestly couldn't choose from amongst all those Lace mats - Martha's is beautiful.

    1. Maureen, it is too early to consider this. I am glad that I did this. It was a great opportunity to revive an older pattern, brought up-to-date with modern notation and techniques.

  2. Congrats to Martha on a beautiful Lace Mat!

  3. I am both surprised and grateful to see I was the winner. All of the lace mats are really beautiful. Thank you to everyone who voted and to Jon for hosting the challenge.

  4. I didn't participate in the tatalong, but even as an observer it was great fun!Very interesting to see how different the mats looked from each other. Congratulations to Martha.

  5. Jon, yours was a magnificent idea, brilliant even!! Sorry I didn't tat the mat as I'd have a lovely piece now. Life intervenes. It was great, if difficult, fun to vote on the lovely entries. Happy congratulations to Martha! Hers is a gem for sure! Great colors and technique.
    Looking forward to your next brilliant idea!
    Katie V in NC katie at r-v-r dot com

  6. Congratulations to Martha, I have enjoyed doing the mat and it was lovely to see all the beautiful colour combinations
    Thank you for doing it

  7. Martha's mat is really beautiful, though I didn't vote for this one. But the choice was very hard to make. Thanks Jon for a lovely experience and reviving an old pattern.

  8. It's quite overwhelming to see how the internet has brought about this amazing communication experience. The creativity and talent of designers and tatters is so exciting to see. And even the old patterns are being appreciated and enjoyed. Thanks so much Jon, for all your work in bringing this about. It was very brilliantly done! And congratulations to Martha, and to all the participants. I am finding that Winter is much easier to get through thanks to all the tatting
    blogs and fun things to keep track of like Jane's TIAS and your contest!

  9. Congratulations to Martha!!!

  10. Oh Bravo Martha!!! And a round of applause for everyone who made mats as well as everyone who voted on mats! Well done, well done all!


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