Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lace Mat Poll has Started.

First of all, thank you for all the tatters who have e-mailed me a photo of their Lace Mat.  By the closing date, I received 35 photos which you can view on the Lace Mat Poll page

To participate in the poll, please go the Poll page and choose the top five mats that you like most. Then let me know the mats you have chosen by leaving a comment in the comment box below or on the Poll page, stating the number (beneath each photo) assigned to the lace mats that you have picked.

This will be a secret poll, so I will not be publishing the comments where you have given your selection nor the running tally. Other comments that do not contain the information will be published.  You can submit your picks only ONCE. The poll is open until 17th January and the results will be announced after that.

The owner of the lace mat polled the most will receive some gifts from me. I have not started to assemble the goodies. Maybe I will wait until the winner is chosen, so that I can put together something as close as possible to what the person may like.

Once again, I want to thank all who have participated in the Lace Mat Tat-along.  I know that from reading the comments and blogs, the number may be more than the 35 shown in the poll.  I think everyone did a great job on their lace mat.

Good Luck to all

p.s. Maybe I could also prepare something for the one who picked the top five as in the poll result.    It does make it more exciting, doesn't it. I will think about that.


  1. Just a thought - I have already voted, but it would be easier to see all the mats if they could somehow be on a page together - is that possible? It was hard to scroll up and down, trying to remember which were the ones I liked best! And they are all so gorgeous that it might be nice to print a page of tatted Lace Mats together- maybe use them as a screen saver.

  2. Not sure if it will appear any better if I were to put all the mats on one page as each one will be too small to see clearly. Furthermore, the size of the individual PC screen will also be a factor; a wide-screen model will be able to show more but on a standard model, you may still need to scroll to view.

  3. What fun, thank you for organizing!

  4. I cut & pasted my favorites to a document, then decided on my top five choices from those. Still quite difficult as there are 35 very lovely mats.
    My choices are from 1st to 5th: 19, 25, 20, 6, 24. Thank you for putting this together. I so enjoy seeing them the same, yet all different. I did not get to make it now, but hope to in the future. Karen in OR

  5. Thanks, Jon, for organising a different way to see the mats - I enjoyed browsing through them all this way.

  6. Jon,

    What lovely mats! It was very hard to choose just 5. I think the biggest lesson I take away from this vote is just how important blocking is. Big, big factor when you are judging based on just a picture...without blocking, the arcs are squished, the points veer off in odd directions. I know it will affect how I handle my finished pieces; without blocking, they would be like cake without the yummy icing!

    Here are my votes:
    #6 (overall best)
    #34 (best of colored entries; while others had some lovely color combinations too, it was the blocking that drew this one into my top 5)


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