Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Online Class Homework

Have not updated the pages here for a while but I am still tatting. The pictures here are the homework from the Online Tatting Class

This is Mary Maynard's butterfly pattern #3.

And this one is Nellie H Youngburg's butterfly made from the pattern re-written by Wally Soosa.

The third one is a bracelet using the pattern provided by Debbie Strickland. I used a size 10 thread with rose beads. The length is about 16cm (6.5 in), which can comfortably fit round a girl's wrist.

The patterns for the above are available at the site for the Online Tatting Class 2007 Lessons Index. You need to solve a puzzle first to get to the pattern for Mary Maynard's butterfly. Click on the Nov 27 Special Event Puzzle to get there. It is worth a visit.

I was also tatting more of the snowflakes shown earlier, this time in pastel shade of pink.


  1. Beautiful! I keep forgetting to attend the online tatting classes. From the postings I'm seeing, I need to try and join in the fun!

  2. The butterflies and bracelet are very pretty. I especially like the first butterfly! I might have to try and solve that puzzle. It is good to see you posting again. We've missed you!

  3. I keep missing the class too, as it's smack dab in the middle of the day for me. I keep meaning to set aside time to attend.

    As always, your work is exceptional!


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