8 Aug 2008

Rings only Snowflake with Beads

R = ring
SR = Split ring
+ = join
sp = small picot
C = Chain
o = beaded picot
RW = reverse work
DNR = Do Not Reverse
SS = Switch Shuttle

String 43 beads onto Shuttle 1, and 7 beads onto Shuttle 2. I would normally add a few beads extra on each shuttle - just to be safe.

Sh 1:
R1(4 o 4sp4 o 4) cl R, DNR

The next step between (* - * )describes the self-closing-mock-ring (SCMR)
(*) Using Shuttle 2;
- C(4 o 2), SS
- R2(5 o 5), cl R and SS
- C(2 o 2), SS
- R3(5 o 5), cl R and SS
- C(2 o 2), SS
- R4(5 o 5) cl R and SS
- C(2 o 4) (*)
Close the SCMR
Sh 1:
SR5(4 o 4/4 o 4)
Repeat (* -*) for the next point of the snowflake, joining R2 to picot of R4 instead of adding the bead to the picot.
Make three more repeats .

For the last repeat, join the SCMR to the to the sp of R1 to complete the motif.


  1. Hi Jon,
    This is a gorgeous snowflake thanks for sharing

  2. You are such a talented lady. I must take out my tatting shuttles and try to do something again after many years!

  3. Jon,
    even simple designs look stunning...though i often do some tatting henceforth i shall start doing more and more often

  4. I finally made it. https://oclairedelune.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/flocon-tout-en-anneaux-rings-only-snowflake/
    Thank you so much for this free pattern. It looks so nice on my tree.


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