Featherline Snowflake

Model is tatted with Olympus 40 and measures 7.5cm across point-to-point.

Two shuttles with SCMRs (Self-closing Mock Rings)

Round 1
This round is made entirely of SCMRs with floating ring with each SCMR. CLick on the link for a tutorial on SCMRs.  The SCMRs are shown in green in the chart.  For this snowflake, I use the GR-8 Brothers method of making the SCMRs.

SCMR(5-4..). Do not close the SCMR at this point.
Switch shuttle (SS) and make the floating ring R(3-3-4-3-3).
SS and continue with the SCMR (..4-5).  Close the SCMR.

Make a SLT with the two shuttle threads.

(*)SCMR(5+[to the last picot of the previous SCMR]4..).  Do not close the SCMR.
SS and make the floating ring R(3-3-4-3-3).
SS and continue with the SCMR(..4-5).  Close the SCMR.

Repeat from (*) four times.  The last SCMR is joined on both sides, to the previous SCMR and to the first SCMR.  Cut thread, tie and hide ends.

Round 2
R(4-3-5), reverse work (RW)
SS, R(3-3+[to the picot on the 2nd picot if any floating ring of Rd 1]3-3).  Do not reverse.
(*)SS, C(6). RW
R(5+[to last picot of adj ring]3-4). Do not reverse.
SS, R(3-3+[to 3rd picot of the next floating ring]3-3). RW.
C(3-3-3), do not reverse.
SS, R(3+[last picot of previous chain]3-4-2), R(2+[last picot of previous ring]4-4-2) and R(2+[last picot of previous ring]4-3-3). Do not reverse.
SS, C(3+[to last picot of previous ring]3-3). Do not reverse.
SS, R(4-3-5), reverse work.
SS, R(3-3+[to 2nd picot of floating ring joined earlier]3-3). Do not reverse.

SS and repeat from (*) to complete.

Click HERE to download the pattern.


  1. Ohhh Jon this is absolutely beautiful. I love it and its printed and will go on TOP of my 'wanna do" pile lol
    I got my books the other day also and they are wonderful I cant wait to start on everyting. SIGH why does a person need sleep HEE HEE
    How are things going dear? Been thinking of you :)

  2. Me too! Already printed and ready to go! It's a beauty, Jon!
    Fox : )

  3. Wonderful Jon. Great time for a snowflake. I have been modifying some patterns last week.

  4. It's positively feather-rific! Adding it to my must-do list right away.

    Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  5. This is another beauty...thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing.
    Your tatting is wonderful!

  7. Such a talented designer - and generous in your sharing

  8. Lovely snowflake! It's on my "to tat someday" list!

  9. Jon, the Featherline Snowflake is beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. I'm not on this level yet, but I wanted to tell you that I started blogging my tatting with english text now - thanx to your comment.

    And I have to say - your patterns are LOVELY!!

  11. jon,
    this is a beautiful design...the colours used in the design
    in fb is really great

  12. Thanks for sharing 😊. Your is tatting is Beautiful ❤😊


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