New snowflake motif

The motif is one of the results from my design process that I shared earlier. It was also published in my Facebook page.

There is no chart for this but I have marked the sequence of rings and chains on the photo. The stitch counts for the sequence are given under each photo.

The centre flower is worked wiht shuttle-and-ball.
Ring A: 3-4-3-3-4-3
Chain B: 8-8
Ring C: 3-4+3-3-4-3
The rings are joined as in the photo.

Outer round
(refer to photo for positions of the joins)
Ring A: 3-4-2-4-3
Chain B: 3-3-3-8+8, join to any picot of the centre flower.
Ring C: 3-4+2-4-3.
Chain D: 8+8-3-3-3
Ring E: 3-4+2+4-3
Do not reverse for Chain F
Chain F: 3-3-3-3-3
Ring G: 3+3-2-2-3-3
Ring H: 3+3-2-2-3-3
Ring I: 3+3-2-2-3-3
Chain J: 3+3-3-3-3
Repeat Ring A. Do not reverse work for Ring A repeat.
Chain K: 3-3-3+8+8
Repeat from Ring C till the end.


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