Sunday, 14 December 2014

A little tatting, A little travelling

My, my ... it was more than a month ago that I updated this blog.  These are some of what I did during the (almost) two months of non-blogging -

A) I tatted more of the Jan Stawasz's doily

B) I sewed this Owlie pillow for a friend who is expecting a grandchild soon.

C) I attended a class on wire jewelry and made the pin on the left. The one on the right is a gift from the teacher, Mastura Mustafa.

D) And these
Flew to Madrid
Admired the ironworks of the Mercado de San Miguel

Tatted in the train to Cordoba
Crossed the Roman Bridge
Soak in the history of the Masjid of Cordoba
Relish the walks through the small streets in the medina of Masjid of Cordoba
Would never skip the Al-hambra
Walked in the courts of past Sultans
Enjoyed the evening walk at Plaza de Espana in Seville, despite the winter chill
 ... among other things, and I am flat tired after all that.


  1. What a wonderful post! - I love all the pictures. My son and his wife visited the Alhambra a little while ago and he said he felt he could have stayed there for hours and hours. Ben Fikkert has a pattern for a doily called Alhambra, I actually bought the threads after I read my son's letter, to make it for him one day!

  2. Your doily is beautiful!!! :)
    And the owl pillow is adorable!! :)

  3. But, you sound very happy, Jon. I would be. Especially having arrived this far in the JS doily!

  4. Beautiful doily and jewelry. Love your Spain pictures. I visited all those places in 1996. They haven't changed a bit. : ) My personal favorites are the Alhambra and "La Mesquita," what you call the Masjid. Really beautiful country and fascinating history.

  5. Wow! What a great way to spend two months! I'm quite envious! Fabulous photos! That doily would intimidate me, especially that particular round. Also love the owl and the jewelry. So much talent!

  6. You have been busy, no wonder we haven't seen you! Love the owly pillow. The tatting is looking spectacular. I can't imagine working on such a complicated piece on the train. Sounds as though you need a holiday to recover from your holiday!

  7. Your doily looks gorgeous, The owl cushion I must not show my grand daughter she's mad about owls, it would be make me one.
    I hope you enjoyed your trip to Spain, I hope it was not too cold for you and dry Europe has been having a lot of rain over the last couple of months.

    1. It was cold only when the wind was blowing. As we moved southwards from Madrid, the weather turned warmer and pleasant..

  8. So inspired by your Stawasz piece. I am about to begin mine, now that I have COMPLETED the Monster!

    Thanks for showing us a bit of your travel adventure. Looks like an interesting jaunt!

    1. Took a look at your 'Monster'. Awesome work. I am not ready to try anything that size yet.

  9. Jon it looks like you had a beautiful trip. Love the photos.
    How on earth do you manage to tat in white while travelling???


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