Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lace Mat Poll - details coming soon

Here is a collage of 21 out of 26 Lace Mats that I have received so far,

In preparation for the poll, I am removing the names of the tatters of each Lace Mat and only assign a number.  That is to ensure that there are no undue advantage to any tatter when the polling starts in ealy January.

You may still submit a picture of your Lace Mat until 31st December 2012 be included in the listing for the poll.  I will add it to the Gallery but will not include your name with it.

I have not put together the goodies for the winner.  When I do, I will try to put together things that appeal to tatters.  Who knows, I may decide to have more than one winner, ;)

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  1. I had good intentions, but I haven't gone past round 1. I guess I'll just have to admire what everyone else has done!


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