Sunday, 30 December 2012

There are now 33 Lace Mats in the Gallery

.....  and will soon be 35 because I am expecting a couple more to come in before the closing date.

The closing date to submit a photo of your Lace Mat is midnight of 31st December 2012, Malaysian time, that is UTC+8.  To help you figure out what time it will be in your individual time zone, here is a Time Zone Map that you can look up.

For example, at 12 midnight of 31st December, 2012, it will be 11.00am on 31st December 2012 for the people on the east coast of the US, and 2.00am for the folks in Brisbane, Australia.  I'll probably be asleep at that time, and will only read my e-mails the next morning.

On Doily no. 3
I have decided to make the overlap as in pic #2.
I finally chose this because of how the overlap appears almost the same when viewed from either side of the work.  The overlap in pic#1 is different viewed from each side.  I am not one for front side/back side tatting and I want it to be simple in that it can be used on either side.

Working with size 20 Manuela, it is now about 12 cm wide.  I plan to add another overlapping round, or maybe two depending on how big it will become.


  1. Looking good. I think that interlocking round really lifts it out of the ordinary.

  2. i love the overlapping row, looks very sophisticated. looking fwd to the final doily. :-)

  3. Lovely mat and I like the over lapping, can't wait to see how you finish it.
    Looking forward to seeing all the mats that have been tatted.

  4. The overlap is beautiful. I can't tell you how much it delights me that you don't do front side back side!

  5. Beautiful! I love the overlapping of this new doily - it gives it a dimensional curve that is so pretty.

    I love seeing all of the lace mats - they are all great!


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