Monday, 17 December 2012

Yellow doily take two and workshop update

It looks much better the second time round, compared to earlier version.
I removed the picots that appear to be crowding up the empty spaces and stick to clean lines.  I don't know how big this will grow before I decide to stop.
The workshop at the National Textile Museum was a success.  I was not expecting such a big number to sign up - 17 initially but grew to be more than 20.  Since it was held at a museum, which is open on that day, a few visitors to the museum also stopped to see what we were doing.  I had a visitor from France who showed an interest but was hard-pressed for time and could not stay longer.  However, one from Germany stayed and joined in the lessons.
Three of the students, the one on the right is the German visitor.
If I looked tired in this picture, that is because I was on my feet for almost three hours, going from student to student, and that was the first opportunity for me to sit down.
A few more of the students.  On the right is the President of the Arts & Craft Guild of Selangor and KL who worked hard  together with the Museum, to get the workshop realised.
Of the students, almost all are beginners who have not tatted before and have zero knowledge of tatting.  I was a bit afraid initially at seeing the big number, in case I could not attend to everyone. But it turned out alright in the end.  I think it was due to the students themselves who were really keen to learn and showed full dedication.

I started by explaining the movement of the hand to loop the thread and showing the flip by using two colours of thread, and continued with rings, picots and joins.  Not everyone managed to get to the stage of making rings and joins but everyone definitely got the flip.

That was yesterday; and today I received homework photos from two of the students,



  1. Hi Jon,
    It looks much different! Much leaner now and very pretty.

    Your students must be applying themselves - very nice progress! Yes, teaching, though so rewarding is also tiring - especially when one is an effective, dedicated

  2. ... Wasn't finished! Meant to say, instructor. : ))

  3. Wow you had your hands full, but how lovely to see so many young people wanting to learn, Well done.

  4. Good job, that's a very big group to teach tatting to! I like the cleaner look of your yellow mat.

  5. I envy your students. I've always wanted to learn how to tat.

  6. They all got the flip? That's wonderful!


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