Monday, 26 August 2013

White it will remain ....

I was thinking of using this HDT in the next round of the Mystery Doily.  There is white in it and the pink is quite subtle that it may blend well with the white.

careful scrutiny of the Cebelia that I am using showed that it is not really white but more creamy, even though the label has it as 'blanc'.

Reading all the comments for the earlier post also convinces me that I should stick to white.  The other reason for keeping it all white is the flow of the pattern itself, as Jane, Miranda and Snowy had commented.

Right then, off to load the shuttles.


  1. It's a really nice doily. I imagine it in a rather romantic decoration

  2. I think you've made a great choice. I've tried blending white with variegated before. The result was okay, but I could see the difference in the whites. It bothered me, so I gave it away to someone who couldn't see the difference. :-)

  3. Oh, now I can see why you questioned the all white thing, That pink is very subtle and if the whites matched up that would have been very nice. I have an out of stalk very pale mint green, I may use that with white on something that is a very good idea!

  4. I agree white and staying with white will look wonderful in that pattern

  5. Not to mention, it will preserve the mystery!

  6. This is lovely - I really like how dense this pattern is. And I agree, I think all white on such a complicated pattern sounds like a good plan.


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