New Project

Sometimes, when an idea comes, you just have to get started on it even though there are already other WIPs waiting to be completed.  Do you do that sometimes?

Well it happens quite often with me.  But, a tatter needs to tat, ha ha ha ........

So, I started on a new project, in the midst of preparing for Eid-ul-Fitr which is coming in a couple more days, besides having other things to do as well.  I am thinking of an oval doily and as I start I can straightaway see the making of a simple bookmark which I am sharing here.

I started with a row of split rings in the centre followed by the basic rings and chains for the first round.  This would be a good exercise for beginners to get familiar with tatting split rings.  A chart with an explanation of the stitch count is given below.

You can make the split rings in the centre to any length you like.


  1. It's very nice and your work is always neat too! Thanks for posting your pattern. I'm not familiar with your holiday i'll have to loo it up.

  2. Hi Jon,

    So good to see you so inspired in spite of the busy holiday preparations!
    I am curious to see how the oval evolves.

    Eid Mubarak!
    Fox : ))

  3. hi Jon,
    long tym since you shared something..this bookmark looks simple..i shall do and upload picture in my fb page 'sucita needle' hope you would see the picture...

  4. I know the feeling well, I have several ideas in my had and have been playing with one, but so far it's not working further play is definitely needed on my ideas.
    Your bookmark is lovely bank you for sharing your pattern

  5. I always enjoy seeing your new patterns develop. A whole row of split rings? That sounds like a challenge that I need!

  6. Blessed Eid! (Early, I know, but I'm likely to forget.)

  7. it looks elegant and clean! The colors fit very well with The flow of the pattern :) Can't wait to see the oval completed!


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