This is the third try and final result of the project that I started earlier. This is a one-pass design, i.e. the tatting was not in rounds but instead done in one go, moving in from the point, down to the middle and out again, completing each point one by one.

(Read here, https://tatsaway.blogspot.com/2023/07/still-tatting-but-was-distracted.html)

All I can say is that it was not an easy tat. It took me three tries to get this done. Even then there are still mistakes in this final version but they are passable mistakes that do not affect the final design.

I started in early June. 

The first attempt was to get the feel of the stitch count.

The second try was to get the construction process, i.e. to find the better way to move form one element to another in the construction.

The techniques used are basic for shuttle tatting.  What made it a difficult one for me was non-existent of symmetry in certain parts of the design .  I have to keep looking back at the previous parts to see what the next element is. I had to make sure that the shuttles are in the correct working position after each turn, reverse work or flip.

I am not even sure how to write the pattern for this.  I don't feel that the diagram alone is going to be enough !

To relax my mind in between tatting, I doodled.  Here is what is on my sketchpad pad right now.  It is far from finished but the main shapes are there.  I plan to add in darker strokes and shadings, maybe.


  1. It was hard work, but the result is fabulous! It’s a really interesting shape. I think either a stand alone diagram, or how about a tat along? In small steps.

  2. It was as lot of hard work, but its turned out to be a beautiful design,
    Love your doodling, I hope to see it when finished,


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