Still Tatting but was Distracted

Her is an update on what has happened since my last post on designing.

This is what I had drawn with Inkscape.

Then I used my rings template to tat the piece.  You can barely make out the stitch counts that I used for the prototype, which is this yellow one,

As you can see, I did not finish it. This design is a one-pass design and I needed to see its shape at full circle. Overall it looked okay, but I see that I still have to adjust it here and there. And the result of that is this one below.

You can see the revised one superimposed over the chart, after I have made the changes.  There are mistakes in a couple of places, which is why I didn't bother to hide the thread end.

I should be working on the final version of this (hopefully with no more adjustments) but was distracted by beautiful doodles that I see fly past my FB feed.  So, I just had to give that a try. 

And, these are a couple that I feel happy enough to share. The bottom piece is a WIP.  Doodling is suppose to be calming and not be rushed.  I will share again when I have completely filled it up.


  1. Very interesting, thanks. The process is easier said than done, just the drawing must’ve taken some time, let alone the tatting and adjusting of the design. Love the result!

  2. That design looks lovely! Nicely done! Doodling is fun, like any bored school kid could confirn hehe

  3. Fabulous looking design!!! :)

  4. Beautiful pattern, looks lovely and your doodles, look amazing


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