No. 10/25 - Green and Red Bookmark

My latest entry to the challenge - another bookmark, also in two colours.

I had planned to put another round to it, that is why the picots on the outer chains are as they are. When I finished it, I kept looking at it for a while, wondering what design I should make for the outer round. Made a few tries but it caused the bookmark to be wider that I would have liked it to be.

In the end I just left it as it is. If I had not planned for another round, I could have made the picots larger and more decorative. Maybe it will not be the end. I will keep looking at it and see if new ideas pop up.

If I put two black dots at the top and a point at the bottom, it might look like a caterpillar - just a thought, LOL.


  1. Hello Jon, The bell pattern lays flat until you join one end to the other.
    Currently, I'm working on your crown pattern because my group liked it so much. All your patterns are excellent and an inspiration


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