Monday, 11 September 2006

No. 8/25 - Crowning Hearts

This is my second heart design. My daughter gave the idea for the name - she said it looks like a crown.

I started with wanting to have two interlocking hearts, but the first attempt didn't turn out very nice. The piece did not hold it's shape and tend to go lop-sided.

I learned something while making this. A good thread is really worth it. Like Lori, I have some cheapo thread that I use for designing purposes. In fact, the first few attempts of this motif was using that thread. When I felt happy with the design, I use the DMC Cordonnet for what I though would be the final one. But along the way, I made some changes, and had to unpicked certain portions a few times. But the thread remain good, without much fraying where I had unpicked it.

So, it is really worth paying for good thread. But the problem that I have locally is the dificulty in getting good quality thread. What we have here are Anchor, Cebelia and Manuela - in limited choice of colours. The Manuela are only variegated ones, no solid colours. Even then, not may shops have stocks of them. In this scenario, maybe I will still need to use cheap, low quality thread for my designing purposes.


  1. I really do love your crowning hearts. They look so lacy. Very nice work.


  2. I agree, good thread is important, and I, too, find difficulty locally, so I buy over internet. There are some lovely threads available, although I am sometimes disappointed by the real colour when it arrives. I think it's a question of trial and error.
    Try, "handy hands" "snowgoose" and
    I think it's called "ds9design". I have bought from all of these in the past, and the service has been good. (Also "roseground" and "tatting and design")
    I love your pattern, by the way!

  3. I really like this double heart design and your work is beautiful. Thread and other supplies are so important and are practically non-existent in the Birmingham, AL area. I have to order everything. I buy most of my thread from Herrschner's on the internet.

  4. Hey, I like this one very much....
    Do you design the pattern urself?


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