Saturday, 11 November 2006

An Edging

I started working on an edging for a scarf that my mother gave me. It a plain white one, so I thought I'd give some colour to it by working it in this DMC Dentelles. This is the finest thread that I have ever worked with, but the result is quite good (for me at least). It will be quite a long one and I have completed about 20cm of it, not even reached a quarter of it.

So this will be one long WIP, while I try to come up with other pieces for the challenge.

p/s - what name is usually given to a completed tatting work? - a tatted piece? tatted collar, doily, etc.? tatting? tats? tatties? Just wondering......


  1. Jon, this edging is so pretty and my favorite color combinations. You are doing very well!

  2. my grey cells working a little there ;) I'd say a 'tatted piece'


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