Saturday, 4 November 2006

No. 15/25 - An Attempt with Mignonette Style

I have put on hold my attempt of the motif with the onion ring join (because I am still not satisfied with the way it turned out), and instead worked on this one.

This is my first attempt with this mignonette style. I find this to be an interesting style working with one shuttle, though in this case, it was not entirely done with one shuttle. I used two shuttles to make the 6-pt star in the centre. The other rounds were made using one shuttle, though I maintained the two shuttles throughout, just for the convenience of jumping to the next round without having to cut the thread.

I also made the mistake of not properly gauging the ring size of the motif for the last round, and ended with a fuller last round. I have not blocked the doily when I scanned this, and I think you can see the rings being squished together a bit when pressed by the scanner cover.

However, all things considered, I am quite happy with this one.


  1. Jon, this is beautiful. I have not tried this. Guess I will have to learn. By the way, several people have seen your heart on my blog and asked me for the pattern and I directed them to your site. It has drawn lots attention!

  2. That is just lovely. Very delicate and fine work. Must have been quite some effort!

  3. I love this... it looks like the Floretta thread that I've seen too... I don't know how you do it... I keep miscounting and talking, cutting, miscounting... it's a vicious cycle LOL


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