Wednesday, 15 November 2006

No. 16/25 - An Oriental Touch

When I completed this bookmark, I thought that the round motif looked like a Chinese coin, the type with a square hole in the centre - hence the name.

This was done with three strand DMC embroidery thread. The motif can be made individually, which allows it to be worked in more that one colour. Or, in a continous flow.

If making in one colour, the whole length of 8 yds of thread (in 3 strands) loads two shuttles enough for one piece, with some leftover to make the tassle at the end.


  1. I really like this bookmark, Jon! Are we going to see a pattern?

  2. Unusual and pretty...I like it!

  3. Please Jon! Help us out! A pattern for this would be fantastic! This is so beautiful!

    I'm still too new to tatting to be able to look at something and "figure it out" so I'm hoping you'll work up a pattern for this one.

    Ohio, USA


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