No. 7/25 - another round motif

This was made after I have finished the mini-doily.

There were already some thread in the shuttles so I made something from them, as it came off my head, after roughly doodling something on paper. This was made in one round. The rings in the centre are all split rings.

I am quite amazed at how easily this one turned out. Usually, when I want to design something new I would first make rough sketches on paper. Then I would try them out and make changes along the way. Often I had to cut them off midway and start again.

But with this one, it came out after two attempts only. In the first attempt, I found that the middle rings are a bit big, and the chains are not meeting in the centre. When I reduced the count for the ds, they met perfectly.


  1. I see a little of the scallop edging design there :) As pretty!

  2. Hi Jon,
    I really like this design, especially the way the split rings take you in and out of the center.
    Very Pretty!


  3. This is beautiful - I love the subtle wave in the outside shape. Can't quite see how it's done in the center -- are those chains meeting at a large picot? Would love for you to post a pattern -- this would be a great one for me to try to regain my split-ring skills.

  4. Thank you Gail and Donna. Yes, the chains in the centre are joined to a large picot on the first chain made. About the pattern - know I should write it up as soon as I finished tatting it. Well, I have done it but it is still handwritten in my tatting sketch book. I will try and post it ASAP.


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