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Tatting Tips and Tutorials

I am providing a downloadable version of the tutorials here which you can then print.  The link here will take you to the original post in my blog.  If you choose to print the tutorial and read it later, click on another link provided at the end of each post.
(these updates will be done in stages and is still work-in-progress)
  1. Make a double Stitch
  2. Make a Ring, Chain and Join
  3. Avoid a Twisted Picot when making the last join
  4. Make a Mock Ring
  5. Make a Split Ring
  6. Make a Split Chain
  7. Make a Daisy Picot
  8. Design a Corner for a straight edging
  9. Wrap a plastic (cabone) ring with double stitches in Shuttle Tatting
  10. Wrap a plastic (cabone) ring with double stitches in Needle Tatting
  11. Load Two Shuttles continuously without cutting the thread off the ball
  12. Avoid using Two Shuttles where possible
  13. Read a tatting chart to see if two shuttles is required
  14. Cure yourself of "gapsosis" - that tiny speck of bare thread between ring and chain.
  15. Open a Closed Ring - Method 1
  16. Open a Closed Ring - Method 2
  17. Hide ends - magic thread and sewing in 
  18. Add new thread without tying a knot
  19. Estimate the amount of thread needed for a tatting project (this is being updated and will be posted when done.  So sorry for the inconvenience)
  20. Make a bead sit on the tatting (at a picot join) 
  21. Make a Catherine Wheel Join 
  22. Make a point in a chain - a Pointed Chain
  23. Make the final ring in a set of interlocking rings 
  24. Make long picots with ease
  25. Add new thread in bare thread/shuttle-only tatting


    1. oI love your "How to's". Could you please add one on how to hide the end threads when done. I was never show how. Thank You.

    2. Just stumbled upon your blog & find it super helpful!
      Would it be possible for you to do one on adding beads to your tatting?


    3. Thank you SO MUCH for all the good you do, "making tatting easy" LOL!! I wanted your instructions of the "mock ring" but when you click on it you get the "twisted picot" page. I'm hoping you'll have time to look at this and get that link going to where we need it!!!
      Thanks :-)

    4. Sher,
      Thank you for pointing the error. I have changed it to the correct link. Feel free to let me know if you discover any more mistakes.

      Thank you.

    5. Umm, well, I tried again and this time it goes nowhere... I looked closely at the link... "" and you'll see there are too ll's at the very end... won't work!! LOL!! Sorry to bother you, AGAIN!! And I think that I might want to do a blog............ :-)) ~Tatikan/Sher

    6. Double oopsie! .. Corrected now.

    7. Hi, Love these "How To's" but can you tell me what a lock stitch is and how to do it. I find instructions that say it is like the DS but don't flip one of the stitches, but I don't even know what a flip is! Thank you for you kind help.

    8. Hi can you tell me how to do a lock stitch. I have no idea how to do this and some instructions say it is like the double stitch but without the flip, but I don't even know what that means. Thank you for your kind help.

    9. Thank you Jon, for the wonderful explanations. Very much appreciated. Kel x

    10. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion.

    11. The link to tip #19 isn't working and it's a question I really would like to have answered!



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