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I am still sorting out the blog entries for my free patterns, so there willl still be patterns that are not accessible. My apologies.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Beads on a string

So, I wanted to clean my craft area and get rid of some of the clutter. .... and, you can guess what happened.

I found this string of beads inside one of the many boxes.

I just had to do something with it before throwing it out. So, I made this,

It started to get interesting and I tatted a few more,

The above were tatted with shuttle and ball, except for the bottom-most, which was with shuttle only.

Then I continued some more and tried with two shuttles, with the result you can see below,

There is a lot more that can be done with this string of beads.

What? ... The clean-up?  ... Did I say I wanted to clean-up the craft area?
Now, when did I say that?

Here is another photo before I close this topic. Tatted a couple of cloverleaves to the sample (with two shuttles).

There should be enough sample for you to try experimenting on your own.

There were requests for patterns, here and also on my Facebook page.  Not sure how to prepare patterns for these because the stitch count will depend on the size of the strung beads. Some of the techniques that I have used for this experiment, besides the double-stitch and regular join, is the crocodile join, roll join and double-stitch on split chains.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Hearts All Done


A number of tatters have asked for the pattern when I posted my progress on my FB page.
The pattern for the doily is from the Land of Laces blog.  It was published bt the blog author in several parts.  You may have to scroll down several pages to get the pattern since it was published a while back.

The thread that I used for my doily is DMC perle cotton no.12.  Not really a fan of perle for tatting but I had to try it at least once to find out how it feels.  Well, still not a fan.  The thread fuzzes up easily, understandable since it is loose twist 2-ply.  The picots splits, which made it harder to join, especially if the picots are small.  May not consider using it again for future projects.

Photo on the grid mat to show the actual size after blocking
On white, to show the colors of thread used.
Close-up of the hearts

Monday, 29 February 2016

Tatting and sewing

I don't know if there is a name for this doily, so I have been calling it the Hearts doily. it is from the Land of Laces blog,  The penultimate round was taking ages but finally finished all 20 repeats of it.

The lighting is not very good in this photo, sorry
The final round is actually the 2nd last round which joins the last round to the rest of the doily. This should work up quickly enough since it is all chains except for a tiny ring for each repeat, but it is rather fiddly. I still have loads of ends to hide.  I still have the bad habit of not hiding ends immediately after each round - very bad habit. This doily will need to be blocked later.

I will be very happy when this is done and over with.
I am using perle cotton no 12 to tat this, and I don't plan to use any perle again for any of my tatting, Just don't like the feel of it on my fingers, though the final result does look rather pretty.

Not much tatting done because I have been sewing prayer cloaks. These are like what I wore in my photo in front of the Kaabah in the previous post. Here it is again to refresh, My sister-in-law had asked me to sew them for her.

I know it is not tatted edgings, but it will take ages for me to tat 4m of lace multiply by three because I sewed three pieces of the cloaks.

The left-over fabric was sewn into drawstring bag to store the cloaks when travelling.

A few friends have asked me to teach them how to sew these cloaks as well as how to sew garments. So, I am doing that as well.

And that is how I spent my time these past months.