Monday, 14 April 2014

Spring Doily Round 8

The red really stands out in the middle.  I may bring this shade back in at least one of the coming rounds.

I am using Olympus Gold for all the rounds. Once Round 8 is complete, this doily would be about 34cm wide.

As everyone have indicated, Round 8 is taking a long time.  It may well be long into summer before I'll get this Spring Doily done.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Now .. Round 7

I have only been working on the Spring Doily since the last time I updated this blog.  Even then, it wasn't more than an hour a day, so naturally it has been slow progress.  Here is my status at Round 7 of the Spring Doily by Renulek. (please excuse the fuzzy photo)
Thread information: Olympus Gold Label
Round 1: 733 & 541; Round 2: 733 & 228; Round 3: 192 & 232;
Rounds 4 & 5: M38; Round 6: 228 & 733; Round 7: 733
If you notice, I am tatting Round 7 slightly different from Renulek's pattern; I have chosen not to tat the floating rings in this round.  I will add that in when I do Round 8 since I plan to make the floating rings in a different colour than the brown that I am using in Round 7.

I have to say, my colour choices pales in comparison with the bright colours of some the other doilies that I have seen.

The way I see it, after the sunflower, the red roses and the pink hydrangea, I decided on a brown pathway around it.  I think I'll add in daffodils after this.  Ha ha ha ... me and my imagination.

Friday, 21 March 2014

So Close

I am five rings short of the end of Round 3 of Renulek's Spring Doily and I ran out of thread.  That's a tatter's life! Anyway, here is a photo of the almost-done Round 3.

I am undecided on these two colours for the next round. The top is a solid light pink while the bottom is a paler variegated pink.
Whichever colour I'll end up choosing, I may decide to use it for both rounds 4 and 5.

On another note, I bought this note-card at a craft bazaar quite a while ago.  I think the design lends itself to tatting.  This is my last card. I wish I had bought more of it.