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Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Pleasant Surprise

I was in Spotlight on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised when someone I have not seen for over 40 years dropped by at the craft room. She drove from over 80km away just to have a look at what Spotlight is all about because almost everybody was talking about it.

This is Nurima (or Kak Nuri) who attended the same school as I did over 40 years ago.  She walked into the Craft Room where I was at, and called me by my online name, Jon Yusoff.  She had been a follower of my blog ( and I am not even aware of it). She sat at the table and we started chatting about tatting, at first, and went on to other things.  That was when I found out that we attended the same school, where she was a senior there.

She was looking for shuttles in Spotlight - but did not find any, not surprising - and I told her that I have some with me.  The conversation proceeded to learning how to tat. It was a short lesson, just over an hour, but I am happy to say that Kak Nuri got the flip at the first attempt.  She is one smart lady, otherwise, why would she be appointed a prefect in school.

A few days later she sent me a picture of her first finished project, a butterfly, shown in the inset. Looking forward to seeing more tatting from her.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Jan Stawasz Doily III

My first completed Jan Stawasz pattern, Doily III from Tatting Theory and Patterns.
Measurement: 20.5cm square
Thread: Olympus Gold Label, 366 Solid, M13 grey variegated
I used up almost one ball of the grey variegated and about three-quarter of a ball of the solid blue.
I had started on another doily before this one but looks like I may have to start over on that one because it is not quite turning out how I would have liked.

Seen together in the photo are three of my treasured shuttles, a red clover, a milward and an engraved Hinton shuttle.

On another note, it was an eventful weekend for me.  I attended my class reunion celebrating 40 years since we were in school together. I attended an all-girls boarding school and 106 girls (ladies now) attended from six classes.  Here are the girls of my class, each successful in their own way. Certainly brought back a lot of memories.

Monday, 1 September 2014


All other projects are on hold at this time.  I have to tat about 120 pieces of these small flowers in and I have about two weeks to do it. Luckily, for what these flowers are intended, it does not require hiding the ends.  That should save me some time.

I am trying out my new Clover shuttle, the latest one that comes in milk and chocolate colours.  Clovers are my favorites if I want to get things done fast, so it works just fine for me.

This is the chart for the flower.

The full pattern is, with shuttle and ball -
Ring (4-7-7-4), RW.
Chain (3), RW
Ring (4+7-7-4), RW
Repeat chain and ring to complete the flower.
The last join of the rings will require a folded join.

It is a basic shuttle and ball pattern, but since the chains are very short in between the rings, I am only using the shuttle with a little bit of finger tatting for the chain.
What I do is to start the ring with a tail of about 22cm of thread, pulled out from the shuttle.  I tat the first rings, but I do not reverse work.  Instead, I used the tail at the beginning and finger tat the chain by wrapping the double stitches over the core thread.

Easy easy, :)