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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Round V

I was so happy to come to the end of Round V.  So happy, in fact that I made a small mistake. I forgot to tat over tail of the thread at the beginning of the last motif.

It may seem strange that I have ends to hide at the beginning since I am using only white throughout hence I could easily start with CTM.

Okay, let me explain. Maybe someone may find this logical or useful.

I am using two shuttles and I am not measuring the thread for each motif of Round V.  I use whatever balance in the shuttle to continue for the next motif.
For each motif of Round V, I did start with a CTM every time but only at the first ring of the clover. I just pulled enough thread from one shuttle and finger-tatted the first ring. Then I added thread from the other shuttle for the next ring of the clover, tatting over the tail of the thread of the first ring. I should have tatted over the thread end of the second ring in the third ring, but I forgot to do that, and that end is only an inch long.

So, it is not technically a mistake but more of an inconvenience.  I almost always sew in my ends.  In this case, there was a lot of threading and re-threading of that one inch long thread to finish off this round.
Oh, I have to say that I have been good and sewing in the ends of the 12 motifs, doing it straightaway after each motif is done.

And here is the full photo as at Round V.
It is now about 27cm wide or 10.5 inches.

Off to Round VI!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Slight Change in Round V

So, I have completed Round IV of JS Model 13 doily, It seems to lay out quite well right now.

I was having slight difficulty in reading the stitch count for Round V because the numbers are rather small in some parts.  I had an idea to look at JS other patterns from his book because I noticed that he liked to repeat some of his motifs in different doily/mat designs.  True enough, the first six rounds of this doily is very like Doily IV on page 56 in his book Tatting Theory and Patterns.

I was also aware, from the discussion thread in Craftree, that there may be errors or misprints of the chart for Round V, so I was very cautious as I began to tat this, more so with my plan to reduce the number of free picots in some of the rings. But, I think I have figured it out. A marked difference are as pointed out by the red arrows in the photo below.

I made a slight change in the shape of the rings joined to Round IV.
My stand here is, any change done consistently throughout becomes a design variation. In this case, the change is too minimal to alter the big picture and that is how I will continue for this round.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

JS Doiy Model 13 Round 3 Completed

But not without a slight hiccup just before the end.

So, as in the previous post, I started over Round 3 because I noticed a mistake right at the beginning of the round.  The re-worked round looks much better.

As it seems to happen often to me, I ran out of the shuttle thread real close to the end,

There was only 5 inches of thread left for two rings and two chains.  I could use the SLT at this point and continue tatting but it would distort the shape at the base of the trefoil. So, I loaded the shuttle and finished the round.

After so many years of tatting, I don't particularly pay special attention to the amount of thread needed for any project.  I just loaded the shuttles and start tatting.  For a large project such as this JS doily, you can't escape running out of shuttle/ball thread.

But, it does help a lot to know the different methods of adding new thread.  I think knowing the techniques of adding new thread is one of the basic skills that every tatter should know. There are many tutorials available online showing the various method.
I wrote a tutorial on the knotless method in my How-To page here,
Jane Eborall included one in her techniques page as well.
Karen Cabrera shared a video tutorial of another method of adding thread.

Tatting is suppose to be enjoyed and running out of thread is not going to spoil that for me.