14-Day Tatting Challenge

[This topic was posted in my Facebook Page, Tat-a-Renda a few days ago.]

To keep my mind active and not be thinking to much about the current situation, I have embarked on a challenge for myself.  I called this my 14-day Challenge; i.e. to complete a new design in 14 days.  It is a challenge for me, but you are welcome to join me and tat-along.  There should be be no rush on your part.

Instructions for Day 1/14 to Day 7/14 has been posted in my Facebook page. I am now sharing this here for tatters who don't frequent facebook.  I will update the coming days' instructions in Facebook and copying it here as well.

Day 1/14

Day 2/14
If you see some bowling appearing, you can change the chains count to (5-4-4-4-5).
That is the feedback I get on my FB page from tatters who have tatted this.

Day 3/14

Day 4/14
All rings are (4-4-4-4) , with joins as shown in the photo.
All chains are (4-4-4-4)

Day 5/14
The big rings are (4-4-4-4) placing the joins as shown in the photo.
The small rings are (5-5), placing the joins as shown.
Short chain are (4-4) and long chains are (5-5)

Day 6/14
Small rings are (6-6) joined as shown.
The slightly bigger rings are (3-3-3-3), joined as shown.
All chains are 4 counts separated by picots.

Day 7/14
Similar counts to Day 6, but with an additional  (3-3-3-3) ring for each segment.
All chains have 4ds separated by picots, as shown.
After Day 6/14, I see a trend emerging in the design which I quite like. The piece can now be separated into eight segments and the pattern for Day 6/14 be repeated for each segment. As you can see in Day 7/14, the instructions for Day 6/14 is repeated but with an addition of one (3-3-3-3) ring in each segment. I plan to continue with this trend for a few more rounds.

p.s. Some have asked for a detali written instructions for this.  I am not going to do that at this time.  It will take much longer for me to write the full instructions and will not be able to meet my challenge if I do that.

Stay safe and stay in


  1. It's been awesome following and tatting along!! :) Thank you so much for allowing us to join you!! :)

  2. This is just great! Thank you for inviting us to join in 🤩
    I started yesterday, but I hope to finish in time!

  3. Following your pattern, I am on round 5 and enjoying it

  4. Thank you for the patron. I start two day.

  5. I fished day 4 and I am super excited. Hope you come out with more such challenges in future


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