17 Nov 2012

Working on the next NB Pattern

I've been quiet in recent weeks because I have not been tatting much and there isn't much to share anyway.  I did put up short posts in my Facebook page though, (also named) Tat-a-Renda.

My progress with the large NB doily has been slow too.  This is the latest picture of it.
I thought I can be done with the mesh or rings before I start on the next drawing of another NB's pattern but it is not moving fast enough.  So, I decided to work on charting the NB medalllion pattern from the Trove site, linked here.

I have tatted these medallions before and wrote about it earlier. I decided to tat them again because I did not finish tatting all three.  I need to get them done and post the pictures together with the charts before sharing in my blog.  I have finished the largest of the three which is this oblong shape shown here, and have started on one of the squares.


  1. I know I appreciate all the work that goes in to your books! I look forward to seeing what designs you develop for your next book.

  2. Thank you for re printing your books, I am one of those who prefer books that I can pick up and read at my leisure.
    Well done for keeping going with the mat, I think I would have given up when looking at all those rings.

  3. I think you are doing a fabulous job on that doily!! :) I don't know that I would ever get all that mesh done!
    Beautiful motifs there too!! :)

  4. Any new collection of your patterns will be something to look forward to! And I, too, prefer "proper" books, so I'm excited about that as well.


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