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Friday, 28 September 2012

Edgings for Embroideries

This Norma Benporath designs was published in The Queenslander on 3rd January 1935, and is of a set of five dainty edging designs. This is the chart for the edgings.

As before, click on the chart to enlarge the image.  Then, right-click on the enlarged image and choose "save image as" to save the chart to your computer.

A few notes regarding this chart:

  • The single digit in the center of rings shows the stitch count between picots. 
  • All chains have 3ds between picots.
  • All, except for Edging 2, are worked best with two shuttles though it is possible to use shuttle and ball and utilising the shoe-lace trick where required.
Below are my models of the edgings.  Almost all are curving up, especially Edging #2, though they will straighten up with blocking, I think.
I have tatted these earlier and posted about them in my blog.  Please read up the earlier posts here, here and here.

Besides sharing her beautiful patterns, Norma also gave hints and tips on tatting.  This hint was given at the end of the article,
"When working diagonal chains similar to these in Edgings 2 and 3, after each has been worked, slip the shuttle forward under the thread which is still on the left hand without making a stitch. Release the ball thread, and make the next rings as usual. Passing the shuttle under the chain brings the thread in the correct position for the next ring, and the chain will not be twisted."
Could this be about doing the shoe-lace trick?

I am really enjoying seeing the different versions of this Lace Mat in the variety of thread used by different tatters.  I have not been keeping count of how many tatters are tatting this since the doily is showing up all over the place in blogs, websites and Facebook.  As for my Lace Mat, this is where I am at now,
Thread is Milford size 40
One more round to go and it will be done. You'd probably guessed already from the picture that I will be using a split ring to start the last round. 


  1. Thank you for those patterns. Edgings are all I tat - I use them to decorate pouches, sachets, etc. I am glad to see models; they are much more attractive than those in the reference picture :-)

    1. You are welcome. I went over to your site, your stitching are so pretty.

  2. Thank you Jon.
    Your Lace Mat looks very good.

  3. The edgings are so pretty, but I LOVE the blue doile, Jon! Your picots are perfect- WOW!!!

    1. The picots can't be "perfect" because I usually just eye-ball them, but thanks all the same.

  4. Thank you do much for redoing these lovely patterns ! I have been looking for an edging for a hanky for my mom and I think #5 is exactly what I've been looking for! Ü
    I am also following along on the lace mat, but am only on round 2. A beautiful pattern !

  5. Thank you for sharing all those edgings!! :)
    And your doily is gorgeous and I love that color!!! :)

  6. Your lace mat looks so beautiful, it seems to be going around the world, I would love to know how any are tarting it.
    Beautiful edging.

  7. Thank you Jon!
    Beautiful edging.

  8. Thanks Jon. The first edging looks the same as one I did from a Senca pattern book. I added beads and have used it a couple of times. Much easier to work from your diagrams than from the old fashioned notation. Love the colour of your mat, it's looking splendid.


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