NB's The Charm of Tatting at Round 3

This is an update of the Norma Benporath pattern, The Charm of Tatting, at round 3.

I decided to use two shuttles for this round since there are thrown rings in it.  I did start with shuttle-and-ball and utilise the shoe-lace trick (SLT) but the resulting effect is not to my liking, as shown below.
 The one on top is tatted with shuttle-and-ball.  What I get are 'kinks' in the chains where the thrown rings are.  Compare those with the smooth chains when tatted with two shuttles.  That is why I almost always choose to work with two shuttles when there are rings on the upper side of chains, unless the construction of the design requires that I do a SLT.

Another interesting feature that I have found of NB's patterns is the way the join is made when two rings are joined to the same picot.

What I have seen often is just as it is - two rings joined to the same picot.  But NB's joins are slightly different in that a small picot is made immediately after the first ring is joined to the picot, with only one double-stitch between the join and the picot.
The second ring is then, first joined to the small picot of the first ring and then to the picot of the chain that was already joined by the first ring.  Looking at the work so far, I think this method of joining gives a firmer result in the sense that the tow rings do not 'wobble'  and lay flat.

There will be one more round after this, the scallop round, and this piece will be done.

My problems with Blogger in Chrome seems to be getting worse.  I still cannot leave comments and this time it doesn't matter if I was using the old interface or the new interface.  I've been trying to leave comments on some blogs that I have read but when I click 'publish', it just disappeared like I have not been there.  Every time I click 'view blog' from the dashboard it will show that I have not signed into my blog.  I cannot click the pencil icon below the post from my blog page to edit the blog because it is not there anymore.

So, I have gone back to using Firefox and all the above have disappeared.  I can't recall why I changed to Chrome in the first place!


  1. It's looking beautiful Jon! I've just tried looking at the original and I'm impressed with your accomplishment as I can't even make out the photo or what the pattern should look like!

  2. Hi, Jon,
    This is interesting to me and timely - the bit about the two picots and adding them to the same joining picot.

    The last Iris Niebach pattern (and the best one I have ever done!) had an instruction that I noticed as it was new to me.

    You tat two picots at the top of a ring with one ds between them and each will join to the next round. The join does not involve one picot on the following round, but two - two abutting rings.

    Not the same thing as you are talking about, but her deign is so firm and I noticed this lovely join in a configuration that was new to me, or was one I had forgotten about.

    Thanks for the post. I will look for this type of join and use it where it might be appropriate, for it makes very good sense when joining two to one.
    Fox : ))

  3. That piece is quite lovely! :)

  4. What a good idea to add the extra joining picot! I can see instances where it would add extra stability to the finished piece, so will try to remember that tip. Excellent tutorial about the thrown rings, too.

  5. Very interesting, looking very nice looking forward to seeing it finished, I am sure this will be a master piece when you have finished it.

  6. I tend to find that any upgrade or improvement they do results in a problem somewhere else. There's been alot of people having problems leaving comments. For awhile I couldn't leave comments either. It became too much of a hassel.

  7. I find the joining using two picots very interesting. Not that I tat a lot but useful nevertheless.

    I am using Chrome and so far, I have no issues with commenting. But what is stressing me out is not I have to put two words for verification but its illegible. I had to retype a few times to get it right.

  8. That joining method for the two joins to the same picot is very interesting. I haven't heard of it before, but am now interested in trying it out. Thanks for pointing it out.

    By the way, thanks for enabling more commenting login options. Now I can leave comments. (I feel your pain on the Chrome/Firefox commenting frustrations!


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