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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bookmark and new shuttle

Have been tatting but not able to show any of it.  Instead, here are some bookmarks that I made when I needed a break from the tatting-that-cannot-be-shown.

The top two in blue variegated are from the ever so popular pattern from Jane's blog.  I think this is a sure winner pattern to be used with varigated or multicolour thread because you can start anywhere along the thread and it will still give a discerning effect in the finished bookmark.

For the very top bookmark, I started in the middle of the same shade, which is the pale blue.  The result is a clear separation of the dark and pale blue along the length of the bookmark.  For the second version, I started  at the point of the change in the shade and what I got is a gradual wavy effect in the two shades along the length of the bookmark.

The other two, in variegated lavender, are adaptations from Mary Konior's patterns.  The third from top is the Curds and Whey from Tatting with Visual Patterns, and the bottom-most is the edging of the collar design, Rose Collar from the book Tatting Patterns.

The new shuttle that I received is the Winder Shuttle from Chris Hinton.

The ingenious thing about this shuttle is the winder tool that is used to wind the thread onto the bobbin. That small allen key shown above the shuttle fits into the notch in the middle of the shuttle. The thread is loaded into the bobbin by turning the allen key.  I can't recall the type of wood used for my shuttle but the surface is smooth to touch.  Maybe too smooth because the shuttle keep slipping of my fingers, LOL.  Aside from that, this shuttle is just the right size for me at 2.5 inches long.  You can read more about this shuttle from The Tatting Forums, the link is in the sidebar on the right.


  1. They're all beautiful but "curds and whey" is spectacular!

  2. Your bookmarks are very pretty! I love the colors you used! Good job!

  3. fantastic bookmarks!! but the shuttle is incredible!!

  4. Wow, Jon! These bookmarks are beautiful, really!!!

  5. Love the bookmarks and the shuttle is neat too.

  6. Those are such pretty bookmarks, and I think that satin background really adds to the affect!!

    Oh that shuttle, I'd be afraid that it's too sophisticated for my brain LOL!!
    It's pretty though!

  7. Love your bookmarks, and the comments on where you started with the changes in the thread. I've never really thought about where I start with the variegated threads except when I have to add thread when I run out. I will definitely keep that in mind when I tat in variegated threads again.
    I've seen Chris' Winder Shuttle on The Tatting Forums but have been sitting on my hands to keep from ordering one. I need to wait just a little bit as I bought some goodies for me recently and really should not do so again quite so soon. Thanks for sharing what you think of it.

  8. Can you tell me where to find the pattern that you used for the blue variegated bookmarks? It's lovely.

  9. Great bookmarks and the colors are so eye catching. I have made mostly bobbin lace bookmarks in the past, so now it's time to turn a new leaf...and tat some for a change.

  10. Thank you, Jon, for the information on starting at different points in a varigated thread. I had no idea what a difference it would make in the pattern of colors created. I love the wavy pattern of the blue varigated. I really want to try MK's Curds and Whey now!!


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