Now I get it!

Finally understood the single-shuttle split ring, or SSSR.  I tried a few times before but never could follow the instructions.  I was on chat in InTatters with Cannalure and Soyloquesoy and casually mentioned that I am having problems with the SSSR.  Being good tatters, as all tatters are, they guided me through as I attempted it and finally managed to get it done.

And to prove that I really did it, here are some of my attempts,

The creative mind then sets in and I decided to try adding beads.  First I made it using bugle beads, shown in the middle in the picture above.  Then I made another sample using seed beads.  I should have used another thread with the seed beads because it didn't show up very well with this thread.

I think I like the bugle beads better.  I can imagine pretty bracelets with some fancy beads made with this method, maybe two or three rows joined together side by side.

A note about the SSSR.  There was some discussion earlier about posting the shuttle through the loop before closing a ring.  I don't do that when closing my rings.  However, for this SSSR, I find that the ring looks better when I post the shuttle through before closing the ring.

Another happy note, the postman dropped me a few goodies this past 30 days.

My first order of Lizbeth thread was the first to arrive. I have never bought any Lizbeth before though I have tatted with it using thread that I received as gifts.   BJ, the Sanguine Stitcher gave me a discount coupon from Handy Hands and I ordered these.  These are part of my birthday present form BJ.
Lizbeth all in size 40
The other part is this.  BJ is an expert quilter and she made a quilted carrier bag that is just nice for me to carry my tatting.There is also a needlebook, a ball of Cebelia and a book titled 'Gardens'.
Birthday present from BJ
Diane promised to send me some EZ-bobs when she read that I could not find any of them here. And they are the next thing to arrive.  Boy, did she send me some!  24 pieces in all.  Certainly more than what I was expecting.  Thank you Diane.
EZ-bobs from Diane
Finally, I ordered Ruth Scharf books from Georgia and they arrived the same day as Diane's EZ-bobs.  I was trying to figure out how to read the patterns because they are all in German.  Luckily, I received an e-mail from Georgia with some English translations of the German tatting terms.
Ruth Scharf books
All in, it was a good 30 days.


  1. Wow! Everything looks great! Enjoy them! I used the SSSR a lot and I have a small snowflake done with beads and trefoils coming out of chains using a SSSR. It does create a lot of possibilities.

    I love Ruth Scharf books. Got them both a long time ago and they have been my companions each time I go to Egypt. I have made a couple of doilies and I'm making the small owl now.

  2. Oh My Goodness...
    Jon with split're invincible. I can't wait to see the outcome!

  3. I always enjoy your blog entries, though I didn't regularly comment. I hope we can meet up during the next Stitching Bee, and learn something from you, ;-)

  4. Those SSSRs are next on my list. Yours look wonderful! Congrats on conquering that technique :)

  5. Glad you like them. The colours of the Lisbeth threads are lovely.

  6. Congratulations on getting your SSSRs right finally. I learnt them seeing Anna B's you tube video at And I follow your blog regularly and love to tat what you design.

  7. Just came across this post sorry for the late comments....I also bought some of the EZ bobs....not tried them as yet.....and I cannot do the SSSR yet either?
    Joy in OZ Australia

  8. Hallo, I came by your blog!Love your pattern! Enjoy all your presents, lizbeth thread looks great. We don't have it here in Germany. I don't know Ruth Scharfs book, but as I am German you may contact me in intatters or private to help you with translation if you have queations. Happy tatting


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