The Relay Quartet

You may think that the motif here looks very odd. You are right. I am working on another edging and was trying out different shapes for the corner. Rather than cutting the thread each time and starting again, I made four corners at one go. You may not be able to see the edging well because I only make one repeat of the motif for each side.

Okay, let me take you through it.

I started with the one in the bottom left. There isn't really a corner in it - looks like it got chopped off.

The second one, bottom right, is more interesting. I'll call this a filled corner because the actual corner was made later. The first part is like corner #1 except for the addition of the two rings off the chains. The other part of the corner is made later by adding additional rings and chains to it.

#3, top right, is similar to the first part of corner #2, except that one of the rings in the corner is a mock ring, needed to make the third ring in the 3-rings grouping.

This quartet didn't actually make to the end because I dropped the baton after the third corner, oops .... (excuse the pun even though it is intended, LOL) .... I mean the thread ran out of both shuttles. I cheated and quickly loaded the shuttles, before the officials realised what happened, shhhhh ....

I finished off the last corner, #4 in the top left. You can see that I have run out of ideas for corner #4 and just added a ring in between the two chains.

No medals for guessing which one I finally chose, although I would have liked to be able to make it in one pass. This design is now called the Sweetheart Edging

Note : The pattern for Heart o' Daisy has been added to the Patterns Page.


  1. You could call your "odd" (as you call it) tatting frame "a study in tatted corners". Isn't that what artist do when they are drawing something to figure it out? They call it a "Study in ...whatever".
    It looks intriguing...not odd to me.

  2. Oh Jon, I love reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your methods of progression with us!

  3. P.S. Happy Belated Birthday to you Jon!

  4. It is a "sweetheart" indeed. Very pretty and looks like something I would like to use in the future. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. The sweetheart edging is real beautiful especially in that variegated thread. Happy Belated birthday.


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