Double-decker Star

This star design has mock rings in it. To find out how to make mock rings, click here for the tutorial.

The pattern uses two shuttles.

R(6---6), make the picot long enough to join four other rings to it. Reverse work.
(*) C(3-3-3), do not reverse.
The next step is for a mock ring.
MR(4-4 ..) , the .. indicates that the mock ring is not yet complete and will be continued later.
Switch shuttles and make a full ring R(3-3-3-3) and close this ring.
Switch shuttles and continue the second part of the mock ring MR(.. 4-4). Now close the mock ring.
Continue with C(3-3-3) and reverse work.
Then, ring R(6+6), joining to the long picot of the first ring, reverse work.
Repeat from (*) for the other four points of the star, joining the last chain to the ring at the beginning of the motif.

If you make the picot in the first ring large enough, and make six repeats in all you'll get a double-decker snowflake.


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