30 Aug 2007

Today ... 50 years ago

The headline in the national newspaper was about a Singapore banker rescued from a kidnapping.

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were given a grand welcome when they arrived at the Kuala Lumpur Airport.

The threat of communist subversive activities was very real
The Merdeka Stadium was opened by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first Prime Minister, our Father of Independence.
The cinemas were showing among others, Island in the Sun starring James Mason, Joan Fontaine, Dorothy Dandridge and Joan Collins. While on Shaw, the local movie was Kaseh Sayang which starred Neng Yatimah, Saadiah and Haji Mahadi.
The Rex cinema had Unholy Wife which starred Diana Dors. And this was the attraction for movie-goers to watch this - exactly as was printed in the papers a few days before –
Ladies! Do your measurement compare with Diana Dors ... 37-23-35? If so, one months guest tickets will be awarded to the first 6 ladies attending tonight's premiere. Also - all ladies with blonde hair will be guests of the management tonight
We all know what will happen if such words are used today, don't we?
Dignitaries from the world over were in town for a celebration. And the whole country was waiting eagerly for 31 August 1957 when the Union Jack will be lowered and the flag of a new nation will be raised.
… and I was born today, 50 years ago, on the eve on Malaysia's (previously Malaya) independence from the British.
Happy 50th Anniversary of Independence, Malaysia - MERDEKA!

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  1. For a moment I thought you were going to doctor the headline to say 'Faizon is born bringing joy to tatters around the world!' :D :D

    Happy Birthday dear Faizon!!

  2. Happy birthday, Jon! What a wonderful way to have your birthday remembered and celebrated!

  3. Happy 50th birthday to Jon and to Malaysia! This is a very interesting post. I was thinking of you this morning as I was watching Sesame Street with Isaac. They were showing kite making in Malaysia like the one you tatted months ago. It was fascinating! I'm still going to tat that kite.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jon -- and
    Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

  5. Faizon, I guess you were one day early cos we needed you to guide the younger ones born today! Enjoy being a big sister!

    Yeah, you have a copy of the papers or did you download it from the internet?

  6. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    BJ, I don't know how to 'doctor' the image, but it would be fun if I could.

    Emily, I got all the reprinted NST papers for 25 Aug 57 till 31 Aug 57, and I will be keeping them forever. I think it was a great idea from the newspaper editors to reprint the 1957 issues for the week running up to the Merdeka Day itself. They were a wonderful birthday gift, even if only cost RM1.20 each.

  7. Hello Jon - I came here in search of your snowflake heart, and it was wonderful to read about Merdeka on your blog. I was present, at the Merdeka Stadium, in 1957 - remember it vividly. I kept the booklet we were given, and it is in pristine condition still, in my bookcase. I am just a little older than you!
    At the school I attended at the time, we had spent the weeks leading up to Merdeka learning the Negara Ku - I still remember the words, all these years later.
    A most beautiful country, my birthplace, and my home too, for the first 10 years of my life.....

  8. OMG! OMG! Isn't this exciting! I feel connected to you already, :-). I am glad my post rekindled beautiful memories for you.

    I don't know how to contact you back (your comment did not give an e-mail link), but are you Maureen from Brisbane, Australia? If you are then that's easy, cos I am in HBT tatting group as well.



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