The Lace Mat Gallery

A showcase of the Lace Mats 

These are the photos of the Lace Mats that I have received in the course of the Lace Mat tat-along and poll conducted to close the year 2012.  As you can see when you scroll down, all the tatters who participated did a wonderful job.  I wish to thank everyone who took this journey with me where along the way I have received from tatters that I only know for the first time.

The poll picked Lace Mat No. 34 by Marha Ess as the top choice, and I think everyone would agree with it.  From the responses I received, I know that it was difficult to pick the best lace mat by just looking at photos on the screen, and they are all really beautiful tatting which made it even harder to choose.  So I think everyone deserves applause for a job well done.

No.1: by Nancy of "New to Me" using Lisbeth size 20 Falling Leaves (cd 100)
Size (point to point): 12-and-1/4 inches (31.1cm)
No. 2: by Fox of "Tat-ology" using Lizbeth size 40, blue (cd 653) and Jess' HDT (Tat-ilicious) size 40; embellished with blue and gold beads.
Size: 7 inches diameter
No. 3: by Barbara of "Tattabuggs Lace" using DMC size 80, ecru.
No. 4: by Mary of "With Love from Mary"
No. 5: by Irma (mama tejedora) using DMC size 20, colour no.93
No. 6: by Frances of "Frances Makes Lace" using size 10, white
Size: 20cm or 10.5 in.
No. 7:  by Patricia of "Sew-Fun Creations" using Aunt Lydia Crochet Cotton size 30, white.
Size: About 12 inches.
No. 8: by Mary Robinson using Lizbeth size 20, purple iris fusion (162) and purple iris dark (647)
Size: 9 inches across.
No. 9: by Margaret of "Margarets Designer Cards" using Lisbeth size 20, colour Scottish Thistle.
No. 10: by "Goudenregen" using size 10, in variegated purple and plain red.
Size: 20cm or 10.5 inches.
No. 11:  by Allison of "Allison's Tatting Blog" using size 20 Lizbeth, colours #640 antique violet medium, #684 leaf green med, and #692 mocha brown dark.
Size: 7 3/4 inches across (19.7cm)
No. 12: by Johana using Gutermann Top Stitch Heavy Duty Polyester Sewing Thread Colour #278
Size: 20cm diameter
No. 13:  by Tattalite (a member in InTatters) using black Sullivans Royal Rayon crochet yarn (3-ply); and light blue Oren Bayan perle #8, colour 620
Size: 10 inches (20cm) from tip of blue clover across to another blue clover.
No. 14: by Cindy of "ahappybluebird" using Ecru & taupe/brown pearl cotton size 12
Size: 7 inches
No. 15: by Michelle V using Lizbeth size 20 in medium purple and white.
No. 16: by Katherine B using Flora , colour 216 for Rd 1; Lizbeth Spring Garden for Rd 2; Flora, colour 212 for Rd 3; and Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest.for Rd 4
Size: 8 inches diameter.
No. 17: by Annamaria of "tattingfrivolitechiacchierino" using DMC ecru size 40
No. 18: by Marla N using Lizbeth sSpringtime size 20; DMC white size 20;
embellished with Mill Hill Antique blue glass seed beads and gold seed beads.
Size: 71/2 inches from clover to clover
No. 19: by  Sandy C using Lizbeth Blue Ice #163, size 40
No. 20:  by Snowy D of "snowy's tatting" using Oliver Twist in green from the Mediterranean bundle
Size: 14cm
No. 21: by Ginny W using Lizbeth size 20; scottish thistle (175) and purple med (632.
No. 22: by Tatterjil using One strand Candlewick Yarn (equiv #30) in Lime Green.
Size: 9 inches wide.
No. 23: by Sonja L using White is Aida; green and red are Cebelia; all are size 20
Size: 9 inches
No. 24: by Grace Tan (GraceT in In Tatters) using Altin Basak 50 "renk no 363'" (robin's egg blue)
Size: 7 inches (17.8cm) across from clover to clover
No. 25: by sdihara, using Lizbeth 40 Pineapple Parfait #170 for Rds 1 & 2; Rnd 3: Lizbeth 40 Honey Drizzle #180 for Rd 3; and Lizbeth 40 Honey Drizzle #180 & Lizbeth 40 Gold #611 for Rds 4
Size: 6 3/4 inches (17.145cm)
No. 26: by Vera using Puppets Eldorado No 10
No. 27: by Sunela T of Beads n' Lace
No. 28: by Patti O using Lizbeth size 20 seagreen dark, and D.M.C. Cebelia size 30 white
Size: 8 inches across
No. 29: by Grace using Lizbeth size 20, colour 127.
No. 30: by Farah Deeba using Anchor crochet mercer no.20, with a finished size of 20cm.
No. 31:  by Jenny G using Lisbeth size 40 Grape Splash
No. 32: by Geraldine of the blog "Lady Picot"
No. 33: by Val Ho using Flora #20 in colours 223 (dark red), and 35 (variegated orange and brown).
The lace mat is 24cm across from the tip of the clover 
No. 34: by Martha Ess with size 20 Lisbeth in the colours 603, 690,  693 and 640.
The size is almost 8 inches across
No. 35: by Maureen L with Lizbeth size 40, 173 purple marble, 646 purple iris light and 647 purple iris dark 


  1. Thank you Jon for all the work you have put into this tat-along. What fun learned from this tatting adventure!

  2. They're all absolutely beautiful. I'm still trying to empty a shuttle (by finishing something else) so I can get started on mine.

  3. Really beautiful. They are mandalas :)

  4. Én is szerettem volna elküldeni, mert kész az én terítőm is de a gép mindig visszaírja hogy a cimet nem ismeri fel a gép...Segitséget kaphatok ? köszönöm előre is..Jó nézni a sok szépséget együtt..

  5. thank you very much Jon, I am glad to have so many friends like you to share the passion of tatting.

  6. Submission #23 by Sonja L. is so very Christmas-y! Thank you for for all the work you have put into this tat-along. It has been a wonderful learning experience, and even more fun to see what everyone else created!

  7. Very very inspiring! Gorgeous!!

  8. These are lovely. Would like to follow using thee tat along, but cannot find an active link.


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