Flowers of Spring

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First the Ruth Scharf project.
Since the patterns/designs in the Ruth Scharf book does not have a name, I decided to call this project Flowers & Leaves.  This is where I am at now.

I have made 4 sets of leaves and with flowers joining the four sets together.  There are three sizes to the flowers.  I have decided to use pastel variegated thread for the smallest of the three, with 6-rings centres. I want to go for a solid colour for the largest, with an 8-rings centre that will go in the middle. Have not decided whether to use the red or the yellow for this.
I have not picked a  colour for the medium size flower that has 7-rings centre, probably also in solid colour.

The centre flower will look like this,

This tan colour is a test piece. I had to adjust the stitch for the leaves because the original stitch count is not giving me a leaf that stay flat, they bowled up pretty badly.  It follows tha, I had to adjust the counts for all the flowers as well. I feel that it still requires slight adjustments
The work is laying reasonably flat right now and would need just a bit of pressing later.

Continuing ....

I have also joined the tat-along in Renulek's blog, Spring Doily 2023.

This is after four rounds.  Round 5 has been released but I have not started on it.
Looking at it now, I am thinking of starting over, changing the colours of rounds 1 & 2 to red and yellow as in Round 4. 

Or, start a new one with a different set of colours?


  1. Both projects look wonderful!! :)

  2. Flowers and leaves is quite hard work if you have to alter the stitch count. Looks fabulous though and I guess it gets easier as you go along. There’s a long way to go on the Spring doily so you could just adjust colours as you continue, so that the centre colour ‘fits’.

  3. The flowers and leaves look hard, I am sure it will look beautiful when you have finished it, your tat along is looking lovely

  4. If you wish to have the outside colours in the center, you could gently snip out rounds 1 & 2 you wish to retat and then fill in with the new colours red and yellow. That way you could save your work in rounds 3 & 4. Beautiful work!


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