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I have been quiet on this blog though have been posting some on my Facebook page.  I find it easier and faster to update my Facebook because I can do the on my phone compared to updating my blog, where I'll have to log-in on my laptop to do that.

My niece will be getting married next year, in syaa Allah.  As with local traditions, there will be exchanges of dowry/gifts between the bride's and groom's family during the ceremony.  I decided to make some edgings for the tray cloth for the trays that will hold the gifts.  I picked a pattern by Mary Konior from her book, Tatting With Visual Patterns.  I started sometime in June, needed to start early because there are seven trays in all.  Finally finished tatting them in early November.

I will share pictures of the edgings when they are attached to the fabric for the tray cloth later when that is done and also how they are to be presented.

I stopped work on a Jan Stawasz project for this edgings.  With the edgings done, I can go back to it. I started the JS Doily 1 from Tatting Theory and Patterns over a year ago, May 2020 to be exact.  It is a no-rush kind of project, something that I don't mind putting down to work on an idea or another project.  Now that I am between ideas, here is where I am with this.

When I stopped, it was mid-way of Round 11.  Above is the photo when I started Round 12 a few weeks ago. There are eight repeats left to do to finish this round.  Thread used if Coats mercer size 40.  The size at this point (with Round 12 complete) is 49cm wide. There are three more rounds to go after this.



  1. I read your facebook postings, I love this edging and its going to look brilliant on the cloths, cant wait to see what they look like when you have finished them

  2. The edgings will make the tray cloths really special. Yes, I’d like to see pictures of the final product.

  3. Your edging and doily are beautiful!!! :)

  4. Such beautiful laces! It is good to see you on the blog again. Although I have read your Facebook posts.


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