Update on the Sicilian Circle, a pattern by Mary Konior


Completed Round 3 of this project from the book, Tatting in Lace by Mary Konior.

I am not really happy with this mainly because of the long chains and large rings.  Had to block/press it after this round because my tension went haywire.  This is one reason why I seldom do patterns with long chains and big rings.

There is only one round left, so I will finish it.

I had my first dose of the Covid vaccine a week ago.  Was feeling okay on the day of the vaccination but came down with fever for the next two days.  There was slight body ache and soreness in the arm where the needle went in, but I was able to do some tatting.  My 2nd dose will be in 12 weeks.  

Stay healthy and stay safe everyone.  I know some restrictions have been removed in some countries but do continue to take precautionary measures.


  1. Long chains and large rings are certainly challenging. You have risen to that challenge of course, but it’s not the relaxing tat you were hoping for! I hope the last round goes smoothly.


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