7 Apr 2021

Norma Benporath's Exquisite Lace Mat - Done

I started this project on the last day of January and finished it in a little over nine weeks.

A very satisfying tat although there were challenges especially when a major part of it contains small individual motifs.

Pattern can be found here, https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/145240787?

Thread is Olympus Special No. 40

  • Green - #221
  • Yellow - #541
  • Dark Tan - #733
  • Pink - #104
  • Mix colour (yellow & pink) - #M3
Finished size is 36cm diameter.


  1. Very beautiful and such wonderful spring time colors!! :)

  2. It’s spectacular. Your use of colour really enhances and updates the design.

  3. That is indeed exquisite! And such lively colours too!


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