7 Mar 2021

Round 5 - NB Exquisite Lace Mat

I have completed Round 5 of the lace mat ( Norma Benporath Exquisite Lace Mat ) and just about half-way of Round 6.

This is the mat after Round 5

I did a switch in the sequence of the rounds after completing Round 3.  Instead of continuing with Round 4 as in the instructions, I jumped to Round 5. In the photo above, Round 5 is the pink individual 5-rings motifs and Round 3 is made up of the stand-alone 3-rings clover motifs. 

I went back to do Round 4 after I had completed all the pink motif.  Round 4, as per the instructions, is the round made up of repeats of rings and chain, tatted in green.  It is the outermost round in the photo above. I just felt that it was easier to do the switch after reading the instructions in detail, and it was.

The thread I am using for this project is Olympus Gold Special.


  1. It's so cheerful and pretty!!! :)

  2. Wow, your alteration shows how adept you are with pattern construction. Very impressive!

  3. I’m doing the pattern in size 30 white thread. I’ve finished round 5 and am about 1/2 finished with round 6. I must say it’s a relief to have finished rounds 3 and 4 - way too many threads to hide!

  4. Tus hermosos trabajos me dan felicidad! Soy tu fan desde que te encontré!


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