27 Feb 2021

Norma Benporath Exquisite Lace Mat - Rd 2 & 3

Completed Rounds 2 & 3 of the lace mat. Round 2 was quite a straight forward round of rings & chains. Round 3 was also easy but rather lengthy because of the individual clovers, all 20 of them.

 For the clovers, I started each one by tatting over tails which only leaves me with one end to hide which I sewed in.  That saves half of my time spent on hiding ends.

For the next step, I started with Round 5 instead of Round 4.  Round 5 is again made up of individual 5-rings motif.  Reading the pattern, I find it easier to do Round 5 first, then go back for Round 4. Photos of this part will be in the next update on this project.


  1. You’re doing the same thing I’m doing!

  2. I was just thinking it would be so much easier if you count make the tan row and the green clover row as one row of 2 colors. The clovers would not sit right. oh well just thinking here.

    1. I am not sure what you mean Pam.
      The tan rows are chains that are holding the yellow clovers. To do the green clovers together I would need to introduce additional chains to support them which are not there currently.
      I am keeping to the patterns as it is, though I have strayed slightly from the sequence of the instructions.

  3. Looking beautiful I am enjoying seeing your progress


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