Square Medallion from Trove, 8 Oct 1932

 This square medallion is a pattern from the Trove site published on 8 Oct 1932, in 'Our Women's Section' of the Weekly Times.

Shuttle-tatted with #20, measuring 8cm square.

The square should shape out better with blocking which I have not done in this photo.

The original instructions were to tat this in three parts; the centre ring, the middle small medallion, and finishing with the outer border, cutting after each part.  

I have tatted with two shuttles so I can use the split ring and split chain techniques to complete this without cutting the thread after each part.

I tatted the centre ring and jumped out with a split ring for the small medallion in the middle.  To finish the 2nd part, I made a split chain followed by another split ring to jump out to part 3.

I am going to work on the round medallion next.


  1. Good not to have three lots of ends to hide.

  2. That looks good. I too like to update older patterns to avoid cut/ties.


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