8 Jan 2021

A WIP and a Bookmark

 My WIP is a doily that I started mid-2020 but put it away for a while, for the simple reason that I had no idea how to proceed after the round of splits rings.

Thankfully, some creative juice trickled in 2021 and I added the few rounds in yellow.  I had it washed, shaped it out and left it to dry while waiting for more creative juice to flow,

I also completed a bookmark which I started towards the end of 2020,

A simple bookmark with clean lines.  I find that I tend to draw towards bookmarks like this, with simple rings-and-chains and straight shapes.


  1. The doily could certainly stand alone as it is. Interesting effects there, the outward facing rings between chains for instance.

  2. I agree completely with Jane McLellan comment! This "work in progress" is stunning as is. If you choose to continue I am certain it will only grow in magnificence.


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