16 Sept 2020

Tatting project Updates.

 No new projects started since the completion of Harmony Tat-along, here is an update of a couple of WIPs

Jan Stawasz Doily 1, from Tatting Patterns and Theory.

I am still doing the individual motifs of Round 5, and there are six more to go. Upon completion of Rd 5, this doily will be about 28cm wide; still a long way to go to complete.

Thread is Coats Mercer size 40.

This square mat is my own design, made up of nine motifs joined together with four filler motifs.
Thread used is Olympus Special Gold Label in two shades, red and light variegated red.
Finished size is 23cm square.


  1. Your tatting is perfect, as usual. Spectacular Stawasz doily and amazing red one!

  2. Doily 1 is lovely but the red one is fabulous!

  3. Both are fabulous, but I absolutely love your design mat!!!!! :)

  4. Both are beautiful. I really like the color combination of the small mat. The design is quite wonderful. You are so talented.

  5. Both are lovely and I like the square doily


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