14 Aug 2020

Jan Stawasz doily again

This Jan Stawasz Doily 1 from his book Tatting Theory and Patterns is my long-term project that keeps me tatting in between burst of ideas.


I am at Round 5/15 now, which is made up of individual motifs. This round will take a while to finish as I don't exactly fancy individual motifs in a round. Thankfully, it is only this one round.

The thread I am using for this is Coats mercerised cotton in size 40.  A beautiful thread to tat with; tats smoothly and seldom twist when closing rings.  Sadly, I think this thread has been discontinued, but I have enough to complete this.


  1. Your Tatting is simply impeccable! This is going to be an absolutely amazing project when you finish. Thank you for taking us along on your journey.


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