11 Aug 2020

Harmony Tat-along: Rounds 7 & 8, final two rounds

 Here is the last two rounds of Harmony tat-along, Rounds 7 & 8.

These two rounds have longer chains that the other rounds. You may see bowling after Rd 7 but it will flatten out when you do Rd 8. Blocking will also flatten the rounds, and I would highly suggest that.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this pretty doily. I really enjoy working your patterns.
    I am just working on the 14 day challenge doily - though it is taking me a lot more then 14 days!!!
    I am so grateful to you, and others like you, who so generously share the patterns for these lovely pieces. this is one of the times when those 2 little words "Thank You" are so inadequate.


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