26 Jul 2020

Harmony Tat-Along

This pandemic is going to stay for a lot longer that what all of us had wanted.  The numbers are not good in some places.  Here in Malaysia, we are looking into the possibility of another round of more strict lockdown, after the rules were eased slightly, after the number of cases started to increase again. 

And so, for those who chose to stay indoor or self isolate, here is another tat-along that you may want to try.

This will not have as many rounds as the Threads That Bind (re-named from 14-day challenge) as it will only have eight rounds.  Below the chart for for the first five rounds.

Round 1 requires two shuttles.  If you are used to making small joining picots, I would suggest that you make them slightly bigger for this as there is a tendency to bowl slightly.

Rounds 4 and 5 requires two shuttles.

This is the full chart sans stitch count to enable you to plan your colour choices, if you wish.  I will update the missing counts for rounds 6-8 when I have tested and verified them.


  1. Thank you 💗 I'm hoping to tat this as a snood when I have the time. Waiting to see what size it ends up in size 40.

  2. I’m amazed how many followed your first tat along, I’m sure this one will be equally successful.

  3. Already started and loving it!! :) Thank you for another!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful design . I started tatting it today , will share the picture on your Facebook page when it’s ready . Happy tatting :-)


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