3 Apr 2020

Rounds 8 to 12 of the 14-day challenge

I am almost done with the 14-day challenge.  It was meant to be completed in 14 days but I have overshot by a few days.  I am now on the final round of 14, and ran out of the green variegated thread.  Will be looking into my stash for matching thread.

Here are the next five rounds:

Day 8
The stitch count for Day 8 is as Day 7 but with an additional ring of (3-3+3-3) added to the set.
There should now be 4 of the rings between the two adjoining rings flanking them.

Day 9
Ring A is (6+6), joining as shown.
Ring B is (3-3+3-3), which are the three rings following A.
Ring C is (4-4+4-4), joining as shown.

Chain D is (4-4), together with 4 other chains that follow.
Chain E is (5-5).

Day 10

Ring A is (6+6)
Ring B is (3-3+3-3)
Ring C is (4-4+4-4)

Chain E is (4-4), repeated for the collowing four chains (5 chains in total)
Chain F is (5-5-5)
Chain G is (5-5)
Day 11
Ring A - (4-4+4-4), 5 rings in a row;
Ring B - (6+6), 2 rings of Bs joined as shown;
Ring C - (3-3+3-3)
Chain E - (5-5), 5 chains in a row;
Chain D - (4-4), 4 chains in a row;
Repeat Chain E and this completes one repeat.

Day 12
Ring A - (4-4+4-4), 6 rings in a row;
Ring B - (6+6); 4 rings in a row. Please see carefully how these 4 rings are joined)

Chain C - (5-5); 5 chains in a row;
Chain D - (5-5-5);
Chain E - (4-4);
Repeat Chain D and this completes a repeat.


  1. Yours looks fabulous!!! :)
    I love the design!!

  2. I just realized I made a big error in the last 4 repeats on round 12. I think I have to just cut them off :( but before I do... is there any way to cut into the chains and redo them to add more stitches? It sounds crazy, but as we are shut in, and I'm running out of thread, I was hoping there might be salvation here! For the 5-5-5 chains, I did 5-5 on the last 4 repeats. I'm using 40 thread, so zero chance I can pick out all those rings!

    1. If you only work (5-5) for that chain, you will be short of one ring and one chain in each repeat for the next round. It will have some impact on the overall design.

  3. Beautiful idea Jon. As usual your thoughts and contributions to us tatters is amazing. I will get to this one soon. Unfortunately this amount of tatting per day is beyond me....but soon.
    Thank you for sharing Jon. I hope you remain well. xx

  4. Pattern for 2020 Threads That Bind doily? How do I find it or purchase it?

    1. The instructions are in pictures and can be found all together in my Facebook page, Tat-a-Renda.

  5. Thank you for sharing your patterns so generously. Your doilies are Gorgeous. I seem to have missed the first 7 rounds of this one, though!
    I wish I could tat as beautifully as you do - your work is so nice and even.


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