14 Mar 2020

Another bookmark pattern

I am slowly updating my patterns in this blog with patterns that I have posted in my Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/tatarenda.my/ ).

Here is a simple and quick one to fill the time if you choose self-isolation during this present time. I am praying that everyone will be safe and  do stay calm.

I am naming this bookmark Golden Crane just because of the image on the cover of the book that I used for this photo, 馃槃

Pattern required two shuttles.

Stiitch count for Part 1

Stitch count for Part 2


  1. I like the way the centre chain faces this way and that.

  2. Very nice and i love the way that is marked

  3. Beautiful bookmark, and thank you for sharing the pattern

  4. Pi臋kna zak艂adka. :)
    Skorzysta艂am z Twojego wzoru i wykona艂am troch臋 zmienion膮 wersj臋.
    Mam zamiar wykona膰 Tw贸j wz贸r w ca艂o艣ci.
    Pozdrawiam ciep艂o.

  5. Pi臋kna zak艂adka. :)
    Wykorzysta艂am Tw贸j wz贸r, ale bez ostatniego rz膮dka k贸艂eczek.
    Napisa艂am tutaj: https://oczka2.blogspot.com/2020/08/sierpniowe-frywolenie.html
    Pozdrawiam ciep艂o.

  6. I am currently attempting this pattern and I wanted to verify before I get to the second round, do I begin at the top of the clover, and are the chain joins to the “leaves” shuttle or lock joins? I’m fairly new to tatting so I want to make sure I know the technique before I use it here :)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

    1. You can start at any point with a lock join to the picot of any ring. After the lock join is made, proceed with making the short chain followed by the thrown ring sitting on the chain.


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