14 Feb 2020

Jan Stawasz Masterpiece Doily - 2nd time.

Sometime in July 2016, I started on the Jan Stawasz Masterpiece doily all in white.  I finished the doily in June of 2018, tatting with size 20 Hakelgarn Online.

I have not posted a picture of the finished doily since completion as my laptop had gone kaput. Now that I had gotten myself a new computer, here is a photo of the completed doily.

I don't usually do a re-tat of a pattern,  but I have been seeing beautiful colourful photos of the JS Masterpiece in a FB group dedicated to tatting this doily.  I just had to make another one, in colours this time.

To challenge me further, for this 2nd time I am tatting using size 80!  Here it is up to Round 5.

This is another one of Jan Stawasz designs from one of his book, Tatting Theory & Patterns (if it is not in this one, then it should be in his other book).

This mat was tatted in size 40 and gifted it to a friend.  I had to make something for her since she had generously given me four 50gm balls of the tatting thread which she had been keeping for years and not used if for anything.


  1. Oh wow!!! Everything is just gorgeous!!!! :)

  2. I have not yet decided to re-tat the Jan Stawasz doily. The first one took me a year. I also admire all the ones I've seen in color, but I'm not sure I'm ready to take on that large of a project in size 80! Yours is looking beautiful!

  3. I decided the Jan Stawasz doily was too big for me as I have a lot of doilies but yours looks so beautiful in white and now in colour, I might change my mind one day and tat it. The mat looks beautiful and I am sure your friend loved it

  4. Cudowna serwetka Jana Stawasza. Był moim rodakiem, tworzył
    piękne projekty, proste a wzory zawsze się świetnie układają.
    Supłam teraz jego serwetkę ale małą 18 cm. Serdecznie pozdrawiam.


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