28 Feb 2020

An alternative look at bookmarks

All this while I have always looked at bookmarks with two sides of the same design running the length of the bookmark.  Then, a thought crossed my mind that one edge of the bookmark will always be flushed to the spine of the book. What if I focus on the other side and have some creative and flourish design while keeping the other side simple and straight?

Here is the first result of my thoughts, a basic rings-and-chains with clovers as thrown rings

I like this idea and may work on a few more designs. This is a simple design, and I am sharing the chart here should anyone who wants to try it.

If you wish to venture further, take a look at any straight edging pattern and see if you can turn it into a bookmark.

Don't forget to credit the original designer of the edging pattern if you do use it for your bookmark.  It may be re-purposed as a bookmark but the original edging design and pattern is still the original designer's copyright even if it is freely available online.


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